A vital education and information initiative to benefit all businesses!

With an aim to connect, grow and inform local businesses, Grow Local is all about supporting local businesses so they can take every opportunity for business growth.


We know how busy you are, and we know you just want to be able to access information, receive relevant training and  connect with the right people from the right organisations so you can put your business in the best position to tender, bid or expand.  Through the collective support of our committed contributing partners Grow Local is about building local businesses and building sustainable local communities.

Grow Local is just that – a program which provides local businesses with  free education and information on the events in their area to help them grow!

What we offer

  • Short sharp monthly training workshops
  • Regular communication on local business and tender opportunities
  • One calendar of events for local procurement, tender and project workshops and activities
  • Networking events and project briefings
  • Opportunities to “meet the buyers”
  • One on one appointments at your business to help you with any local procurement challenges
  • Dedicated Grow Local Program Manager

How to get involved

Delivered by the Karratha & Districts CCI and supported by RCCIWA, we have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to get involved and find out what is happening. Connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, sign up for our regular e-newsletter, or just get in touch with the KDCCI office and we can help you. Or we can even come and visit you, to make it easier.


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Attend a free workshop

Covering all of your business questions from marketing, capability statements, to management skills, you’ll find a workshop to help boost your business, and don’t forget attendance is free, but spaces fill up fast, so make sure you register today!

Upcoming Grow Local Workshops


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Meet Navah

Navah Kerr is your friendly Grow Local Program Coordinator, with extensive business and sales expertise, she is here to help you grow your business. Navah offers professional consultations free of charge! She is also in charge of scheduling events, booking program speakers, and all communications sent from the program. If you would like to book a consultation, or provide any feedback on the Grow Local program, please email Navah via the link below.


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Find or submit a local business event

We’ve put together a free calendar so that businesses like you can advertise what’s happening, from an open day to a seminar, all local business events are welcome!

Upcoming Local Business Events


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How we are helping local businesses

We’ve received some great feedback from Local Businesses! Find out about their experiences with us.

We recently caught up with Aleesia Millward  from Pilbara Building Company to find out how participating in the Grow Local Program has impacted on his business.

Q Tell us a bit about your business?

As the name suggests we are a Pilbara based building company and we offer construction, project management, commercial fit-outs, and consulting services.

We established the business in 2018 and since then we have been instrumental in the completion of several high-profile projects, including – the KFC Refurbishment, Hungry Jacks and the new Woodside Bay Village Transient Accommodation. Prior to this we were also part of the team that successfully completed the Karratha Health Campus.

Q: How did you find out about Grow Local?

The Program Manager came out to visit us and we quickly built a fantastic relationship, which we appreciate. Navah is friendly and engaging and explained to us the benefits of the Grow Local program so we started attending Grow Local workshops and found them to be interesting and enjoyable.

Q: Why did you decide to participate in the program?

Two years into building our business, we are open to services and ideas that would help us grow our company. We found that Grow Local came along just at the right time for us, as we had been discussing procurement options, but hadn’t taken many steps with the larger resource companies. The Grow Local manager told us they could assist with these procurement challenges, so it was a no brainer for us to give it a try.

Q: What have you gained from our workshops? 

We have picked up new business knowledge, but it has also been good for refreshing existing knowledge. We have particularly enjoyed the opportunity to network with other local businesses and engage with visiting procurement teams. The atmosphere at the workshops is relaxed and the people we have met there have all been friendly, so we make sure we attend as many as possible.

Q: Why would you recommend us to other businesses?

Grow Local is there to support our local business community. It is a well thought out program that takes into consideration what we need locally to succeed. Its good having Navah come out and visit our business so she can see what we do, and we can tell her what we would like support with at Grow Local events.

Q: What do you have planned next for your business?

We have recently been awarded the Design and Construct Contract for a local electrical merchandising company and are currently working with the Architect and Consultants to ensure we deliver a top-quality facility that exceeds our client’s expectations. We will use this upcoming opportunity along with our current projects to continue to build a successfully and well-respected local business. We are also hoping to be in a strong position to start uploading our business capabilities to the resource portals to tender for larger scale contracts in the future.

Q: Is there anything else that you want to tell us about your experience with Grow Local?

Only that I would encourage other businesses to check out the program or get in contact with the team and see if they can help with their business. Its free, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

We recently caught up with Matt Sear  from Best IT Business Solutions to find out how participating in the Grow Local Program has impacted on his business.

Q Tell us a bit about your business?

We are an IT Solutions company that has offices in Karratha, Broome, Kununurra and Perth.

We specialise in supporting regional business and NFP’s with a range of services, based around streamlining business software and procedures.

Q: How did you find out about Grow Local?

We met Navah, the Grow Local manager, through our existing relationship with the KDCCI. I was invited to present at a Grow Local workshop in May via Zoom application.

Q: Why did you decide to participate in the program?

To help educate the people of Karratha on issues such as Cybersecurity, engage with other local business people and learn through the valuable workshops. Both being a presenter and an attendee has been very valuable. The networking and business 1:1s that we have had with the program has been incredible.

Q: What have you gained from our workshops?

Each workshop I take part in, I learn something new. I think that’s what is so good about having a diverse range of businesses, people and workshop topics with Grow Local is that you can share different ideas and hear about business ideas you perhaps have never thought of or tried before.

I am personally mainly based in Broome, but it’s been great being able to send my Karratha team to the workshops and know that they can meet other like-minded business people and develop their skills and contacts network.

Q: Why would you recommend us to other businesses?

As I said, I feel it is a great way to connect to like-minded business and set up partnerships in a professional environment. Since we began our involvement, the Grow Local program manager has referred 12 new business opportunities to us, which helps with our business growth goals, and we hope it continues well into the future.

Q: What do you have planned next for your business?

The next big challenge our company faces is educating business and end-users on the importance of Cybersecurity. Cybercriminals are regularly adapting and increasingly using advanced methods of scamming people out of money. This increased risk is seeing thousands of dollars lost across the northwest, and we are dedicated to helping prevent this in the future. We can assist with the design and implementation of business systems based around ISO compliance to help keep your data safe and secure.

Q: Is there anything else that you want to tell us about your experience with Grow Local?

We would just like to say a warm thank you for the energy and the people involved at Grow Local, you make it inviting to be a part of. Thanks for your support so far and we look forward to what’s in store next with the program!




We recently caught up with Cam Gaspar from EBM Insurance Karratha to find out how participating in the Grow Local Program has impacted on his business.

Q Tell us a bit about your business?

EBM is a general insurance brokerage in the North West. We act as Insurance and Risk partners serving our local business community.

Q: How did you find out about Grow Local?

I met the Program Manager Navah at a KDCCI business after hours event back in October 2019 at Kaw Engineering. Navah introduced herself to me and I found her to be very passionate and inspiring. She was very proud to be spearheading the Grow Local program. We arranged a meeting for the following day, during which we quickly identified business opportunities and support the Grow Local program could provide free of charge. 

Q: Why did you decide to participate in the program?

Being new to town, I knew the program was a great opportunity to network and gain support to grow and develop. I began having regular meetings with the Program Manager and through these meetings we outlined what the program could assist me, and came up with a referral program to bring clients to my business. Year to date Navah has referred a large number of business to EBM Karratha and I am extremely grateful to the program for this.

Q: What have you gained from our workshops?

I have obviously gained knowledge and business insight through the workshops, but equally as valuable, through the networking opportunity they provide, I have gained new business contacts and been able to start building close local business relationships that I hope to expand on at future workshops.

Q: Why would you recommend us to other businesses?

I would recommend the Grow Local program to all businesses, big and small, because it is a very positive and engaging experience. It is always good to learn new skills, or refresh existing knowledge, but the social interaction opportunities are a huge plus for me.

Q: What do you have planned next for your business?

I am going to take advantage of all the support opportunities available to continue to provide exceptional service to new and existing clients, so EBM insurance becomes the local “go to” branch for  everyone’s insurance needs.

Q: Is there anything else that you want to tell us about your experience with Grow Local?

I just want to say the program has been excellent so far. You made coming to a new town very welcoming and easy and I look forward to participating in whatever the program has planned for the future. Thank you


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Grow Local's free listing of all local Business Advisory Services in Karratha

Find an expert in their field to assist your business

We’ve put together a free listing of business advisory services in Karratha, from a range of industries offering services to help your business reach the next level! Are you a business advisory service that’s not listed? Fill out the contact form on this page so that we can review/add your details.


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Find a list of grants that could assist you

Find a list of grants that could assist you

We’ve put together a free listing of business grants that are available to businesses located in the City of Karratha, check the list/links to see if there is a grant to suit your situation.


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