TRY Local Platform

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The Try Local Platform launched in July 2020. The KDCCI has released new consumer and retailer apps (thanks to support from Rio Tinto), to make it even easier for everyone to take part in the program.

As part of a range of measures introduced by Council to support local businesses and the community through Covid-19, the City of Karratha is providing every household with a voucher valued at $100 to spend on local businesses registered with the KDCCI Try Local program. 

The City of Karratha has released a guide for household recipients on their website. Please click on the button below to review this.

With a focus of stimulating the local economy in a fast and targeted manner, households will be required to use their vouchers within a specified timeframe, which could see up to $850,000 directed to local businesses before September 30. 

To benefit from this stimulus package eligible businesses will need to be registered with the KDCCI Try Local Program. 

The City will be funding business registrations for 6 months. 

City of Karratha, criteria for businesses to participate as follows:

1. A business has held an ABN prior to 12 March 2020 and been trading continuously out of a premises within the City municipality.

2. Have the appropriate insurances, permits and licenses.

3. A business must fit the ATO criteria for small business.

4. Small business: if you are carrying on a business with less than $10 million aggregated turnover. When we say ‘you’ we mean the individual, partnership, company or trust that runs the business.

5. The purchase of takeaway packaged alcohol and tobacco products will not be supported.


Vendors who are already part of the program will receive information and instructions on how to install the vendor app onto an in-store device (POS/tablet/smartphone).

If you meet our requirements, and are not already a part of the Try Local vendor network, please fill in your details via the form below, and we will be in touch soon regarding account approval and app set-up. You can also download a summary PDF HERE.

TRY Local householder Application

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Thank you for your enquiry regarding Council’s small business initiative.


The City of Karratha mail out unfortunately has not captured every household especially if the household is on a subdivision, parent property, or properties owned by a company as they are recorded as 1 address.


The City has tried to address this by hand delivering additional letters, however there are still households that did not receive a letter.


Please accept our apology.


Due to the high level of phone calls and emails we are currently receiving, please allow up to 3 days for us to respond to your inquiry


Every Household (or Residence) in the City of Karratha has been sent a letter with a $100 voucher code and installation instructions for the Try Local App. However, there are some addresses (new builds, stratas/managed properties, residences in industrial areas or pastoral leases) that may not have been issued with a code. If you believe that you fall into this category, please fill in your details below and the KDCCI team will be in touch to verify your details.

TRY Local Vendor Application

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Please fill in your details below, and the KDCCI will review your application and be in touch with approval status and installation instructions within 2 business days, once the app is installed, you will be able to receive payments via our app!